Monday, July 30, 2012

Pray for Me--In the Middle of Vacation Bible School

Knock me over with a feather, but I finished my first day of Vacation Bible School--called "Rosary Camp." This would be the first EVER Vacation Bible School my parish has ever had since the church started 27 years ago. Of course, I forgot my camera this morning! Yet the mental image of two tables of 24 kids quietly piecing together their rosaries will be in my heart forever.

I did Lectio Divina with them and they were great! We prayed in the Chapel. We acted out all crazy manner of the Annunciation. I even learned that Startrek does "Hail" for Greetings just as St. Gabriel started out the "Hail Mary!"

Tomorrow, I'm creating a giant sword Battle of the Christians vs the Turks. I'm a bit ambitious as a Sunday School teacher --the other Moms politely think I'm nuts--but I just think you can't just talk about how powerful the rosary is in a lecture, you've got to let the kids experience the drama for themselves. (Plus, I'd stand on my head to keep a 10 year old boy interested in our Faith.) Here's hoping no one gets a sword point in their eye tomorrow!