Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Be My Pinrest

Gotta throw a quick pro-life baby shower for a former NICU premie this Sunday. I'm already exhausted from VBS, so ideas need to be pretty, quick and easy. All the shower games etc I know are about a baby that's coming, not celebrating one who is already here. Do you guys have ideas for how to host a baby shower?


  1. My baby shower for Clara was after she was already here and honestly, not much was needed because the baby stole the show! I don't think we did any games.. We had lots of food, desserts, etc. of course. And basically the rest of the time was everyone oohing and aahing over tiny Clara :) Sorry, that's probably not much help!! If you want there to be a theme, just pick the theme of the nursery. I've found people like to buy presents based on the theme of the party, and that way it'll go with the nursery too.

  2. Ok, I did one of these, and we passed the baby, opened gifts, and wrote 'advice cards' about things we've learned as parents whether it was newborn things or older kid things. And I LOVE the diaper cakes, they are seriously cool.

  3. Here in the deep(er) South we call these events a "Sip and See"...everyone has a sip of punch or tea and delights in seeing the baby for the first time. No real games required as there might be for a first baby shower.

    I would have a pretty punch, coffee, a cake, a bowl of nuts. And for decorating I would stick to one color and use lots of it everywhere for impact! Preprinted recipe cards are good for advice cards. For a while both Target and Michael's had Mary Englebreit lined cards in the dollar bins.

    The best welcome you can give is your sweet heart of hospitality, Abigail. I am so impressed by what you manage to do!