Thursday, August 23, 2012

Following the Quiet Movements of the Holy Spirit

I went to a church meeting last night. A woman that I'm just starting a friendship with told me "Abby, you hugged me after Mass last Wednesday and I really needed that hug!"

I didn't even remember doing it.

Turns out that earlier that day (on the Feast of the Assumption) she had a difficult run in with an extended family member. She didn't think she could make Mass that night because she was crying so hard all day. She went to church at 7 PM, and cried all through Mass.

As she walked out of church, she walked into a giant hug from me!

(I was in the back of church because Miss Tess was a handful at 7 PM).

You never, ever know what He is going to use from you. The smallest word, the smallest smile, the sweetest hug. When you pray, He uses you to write a love letter to the world. Most of the time, we don't see the result of our "perfect timing" because it would hurt our humility. Sometimes I feel like He "tips His hand" to let me know--see this prayer stuff is working! Keep loving me more, and I'll help you help them.