Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still Life Part V, My Imperfect Kitchen Table

Here is what my husband taught me, embrace imperfect home design. So this is not the "right" kitchen table in my mind. Rather than wait until it shows up (as in my case formerly) my husband grabbed something free from the curb. This imperfect kitchen table is blessing us so much! We now have a cozy breakfast nook to enjoy on crisp Fall mornings.

My new mantra is "grab something imperfect first to try out the space" while I wait to have the money, time, inspiration, etc for something "perfect" for my home.
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  1. We have lots of imperfect furniture. Over time we've slowly found some perfect pieces. I love when I'm successful at embracing the imperfection. Wish I was better about it.

  2. Ohhhh...and the same for ourselves, no? Embracing the imperfect parts of ourselves until the perfect, transformed version comes along.

    We have a house FULL of imperfect furniture. Not one piece works or is new or good because I am too cheap to spend money in denominations of thousands.

    But, I think it has made us tougher!

    Tougher that our kitchen table wabbles, that our bathroom sink has to be turned on and off CAREFULLY that our couch is just a bit too short to fully stretch out on that we only own one bed.

    My motto is: teach your kids to be satisfied and to desire each other's company MORE than STUFF. Stuff just means more time that Mom or Dad have to spend away from the home to buy/borrow/afford it.

    Say no to stuff! That's my motto!

    Love all of your recent photos!

    Praying for you dear one.

  3. Ahhh! JoAnn, I have to learn that. As an artist, I like my "stuff" to be pretty. You are personally encouraging me to embrace the messy imperfection that is my kitchen but I've got a long way to go! This little series is helping me fight perfectionism in small babysteps.