Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why We Love 4 H--The Heidi Factor

One of the girls from our local Swim Team started 4 H at age 9 with one Dairy Goat. Her family now owns the third Goat Dairy in the entire state of West Virginia. Last Friday we started finally 4H , after this City Girl Mom said "Ack, we can't possibly join yet another club.... for months in a row." My oldest daughter started kissing the goat herd after 4 H. ("Hmm, that must be something she remembers from her old infant babysitter," I thought.)

Then my Tess demanded to get into the goat pen. That would be my former NICU Baby, the toddler who hates anything new. Look at her with those goats. She scared and frosty, no?

These daughters of mine amaze me. There is so much that they don't get from their mother!
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