Thursday, December 6, 2012

NY Times: Modern Love-- A Rare Triumph Story in Praise of Marriage

This writer * lives near my old neighborhood in the Washington DC Metro area. She writes about marriage (and sobriety) healing her childhood wounds from her parent's divorce.

When I finished reading her ending, I wanted to look her up and take her to lunch!

"I can’t tell you the precise moment I began to believe that my mother’s life would not be mine after all. Or exactly when I stopped looking for my replacement to reveal herself and take away all I had ever wanted.
But I know it was in Maine — before we became city people again, before we moved on to our next adventure. I know it was where we skated on a frozen lake without falling through and dived into its liquid depths when the leafy summer arrived.
I know it was there that I finally realized my husband, my babies and those dormer windows were truly mine."