Monday, January 21, 2013

Dump the Frump--My Pretty Hair Look

This is my normal pretty hair look. First, I want to thank Kaitlin. Because until I started following her directions on how to take care of my daughter's corkscrew curls, I had no idea that I HAD BEAUTIFUL CURLY HAIR. Seriously, it's been 37 years of hating my hair. I thought I had messy wavy hair. I coveted all the straight hair girls with their surgically precise hair cuts. If I put just a little bit of Suave Mousse in my hair after a shower and lit my hair air dry--this is my result. It's like being the Brave Princess--but as a brunette.

Now my challenge is to find a quick "working Mama" hairdo. It actually hurts my curls to pin them up in a pony tail. Yet if I leave them loose like this, I've got a ten month old daughter who loves to painfully yank my hair everytime I pick her up. So I'm thinking, new hairdo with a scarf or something.
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