Monday, February 4, 2013

"Space Babies" 2014 Kia Sorento Big Game Ad

We're advertising gurus around here. My husband is in marketing, and it runs in the genes. So the tradition in our home is on Super Bowl Monday the kids and I all gather around the computer and watch all the Super Bowl Ads together while taking a break from homework.

My kids adored this commercial. We kept repeating this one.

Then my son said "Mom, why was the Dad embarrassed to answer the question about where babies come from?"

I started explaining this cultural tradition about embarrassment about the "where do babies come from" question, and 3 kids under the age of ten look at me with complete puzzlement. "Why?"

Then I start thinking, "Why is it embarrassing?" And then "the kid looks old and his baby sibling looks young, so what--he didn't notice his Mom's tummy getting bigger for 9 months."

It's like in these moments I realize how weird our American culture is sometimes. My kids hit these common cultural references and suddenly they don't get it.

My husband and I are still having babies--so all of my kids above age 2 know where babies come from--Mommy's tummy. My older 2 know that "Mom and Dad's have a special hug" where the ova and the sperm meet. Now they don't know the fine mechanics of the hug---and I'm fine with them not learning the profane names for this act---so if they ran into a dirty minded kid on the playground, they probably would be just as dumbfounded as the kid in the video.

All the same,  my three kids ages 9 to 5, still don't get the punchline to this video. Why is the kid's natural question about human biology so embarrassing that his Dad needs a distracting song to change the subject? My husband calmly answers the "where do babies come from" question all of the time.

Thank you Jon for being a great Dad!


Christine said...

I have a little story about this commercial. We watched the game (well, I was knitting most of the time...) over my dad's house, and my two and a half year old was there. I didn't realize he was paying any attention to the tv. But this morning, while looking at pictures of himself as a newborn in the hospital, he started explaining to me that babies come from "a baby planet in space"! I couldn't believe it!

Tienne said...

The cultural taboo about sex is SO odd to my mind! In our culture, it is absolutely forbidden and horrible that a young child would know that mothers and fathers make a baby when they come together in the marital act, or any medical terms for body parts, or the idea that babies are expelled from their mother's body through her vagina (in most cases.) Also, breasts are for selling cars, not for feeding children, donchaknow! Yet it is also considered horrible and wrong to instruct a teenager that having sex is meant to produce babies, and that promiscuity does not bring either popularity OR happiness, and that chastity and abstinence are holy and thus we expect them to strive for it!

I suppose now that I think about it, they are part and parcel of the same lie. If sex is a "fun game for adults" then it is as inappropriate for children as investing in the stock market, and could actually cause them harm because they can't fully understand it. It's only in the Christian tradition where sex is natural, beautiful, holy, reserved for married couples, and the gateway to children that it becomes something that you can share with your children, they can fully understand it, and the knowledge can actually bring them closer to happiness and holiness at any age.

xich xuc said...
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Being Refined said...

I saw that commercial too and I had the same thought as your son. WHY is it so difficult/embarrassing to explain to a child about where babies come from (in an age appropriate way). It is a bit ridiculous.

But I think it is mostly because our society has separated sex and babies. Our culture no longer recognizes that sex makes babies.

I love what Tienne has to say.

KMS said...

After reading this I was curious what my monkeys would say on the topic (the question "Where do babies come from?" Not the Super Bowl ad). So I asked them, and as usual got more than I bargained for! My post is still in draft, what is blog etiquette -- do I link to your post as the inspiration for mine, or just summarize it?

Abigail said...

Tienne--I guess that's what I was thinking.

I grew up with my parents being totally embarrassed about the video--so I got the punchline

It was a surprise to me that my kids didn't get the joke and I couldn't explain it to them.

One of the reason I was thinking about the difference is that we're still bringing new babies into our family. So like Mom's gigantic stomach regularly brings up human biology questions. Then my kids see the ultra sound. They check out the baby's feet kicking in the womb.

Then because we have a new baby, we talk about "when you were in the womb" stuff a lot. So one kid I had a strange craving for salami. When she's like begging for more pepporini at the dinner table, I'll say "you know--you were like that in the womb." Or to a great Swimmer "you know, you were flutter kicking the in the womb."

So there is a natural connection between who the kids is NOW, and who the kid was back them--when they were hidden in Mommy's tummy.

So now as a parent, it would seem even weird for me that a kid wouldn't know where they lived for the first 9 months of life.

I think we can do that more easily because we're a pro-life family.

Lena said...

Well, when I was little I was told me babies came from God. Now that I think about it, my parents NEVER did tell me where babies came from.

Then I learned that babies grew on the mother's tummy by hanging around my friends and seeing their moms. However, I still didn't know how the baby got in there, and how it came out.

I know now, but not from my parents.