Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Inside the Mini-Fridge

There's just not that much food in there. I went shopping Sunday. I've got meat for meatloaf. We're doing vegetarian for two nights this week. I've got bacon for Saturday morning. Friday we'll do a quiche or Pizza.I have to pick up my frozen pizza "fresh" from the store since we don't have the freezer space to store it. That's a blessing though. I only do frozen pizza on Pizza night and not "Ugh, the baby's teething and I'm to tired to cook" on regular weeknights. Less temptation to "cheat" for a lazy cook like me is a good thing!

There's sour cream for that lemon poppy seed cake I like to make and for tacos. There's Strawberry yogert for the baby.  I'd like to point out that having a real artist as a father, means that my limited fridge space is usually housing some kind of unfinished modeling clay project from one of my kids. Something vital is in that play-dough container from either Maria or Alex.
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