Monday, October 21, 2013


Three weeks ago, I got the news that Leo had died. It was 2 hours before my daughter's first ever basketball game. (This is a new sport for her). I've missed every game and every practice for the past two weeks. Basketball has become a Hannah and Dad thing by default.

 Tonight, I sat in the bleachers and screamed my head off. I nicknamed her "Hannah with heart" and "Hannah with hustle." I got to see my daughter flash me smiles across the court. I got to see her couch rub her shoulder and tell her "Great game." Our first basketball game as a daughter/mother duo was all the sweeter for the delay.

As I sat in the stands, pain free, I could not believe that 48 hours ago I was inside a hospital room. I gave thanks for all the doctors and nurses who got me to this place. As one my helpers in the hospital told me "God is excellent!"