Thursday, August 14, 2014

Urgent --Prayers Needed

One of the little goddaughters of my heart earned herself a trip to the NICU this morning. Her parents, Marie and Greg, have gone through so much already--infertility and multiple miscarriages. Now the doctors can't figure out yet what is causing Baby Katharine Therese's serious breathing problems.

I've been praying all day to my Carmelite buddy, Therse of Lisieux, in a bit of a bossy way. "Do not let this child die on a Feast Day of our Lady. Mary healed you with a smile while you were deathly sick. Ask her for a favor today to heal Baby Katharine Therese!"

Please say a prayer for this sweet family.

Where I unbiasedly hope this baby goes to college in 18 years!

But to show Greg that I'm trying to overcome my natural Wisconsin bias, this kid should totally wear this hat on game day.