Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Prayer Request

I'm writing this post from a hospital room tonight. Yesterday, I started bleeding from a placenta problem. The thing my OB thought was totally cleared up, was not. I've got a minor placenta problem which lead to a small bleed Yet, it's serious enough that I landed in the hospital for observation for four days.

I'm really blessed we avoided an emergency c-section yesterday at 33 weeks. Now the doctors are hoping to get me to 34 or 35 weeks. Hopefully, I can make it to 37 weeks.

It's been a time of great grace and some fear. I had such an emergency at 8:30 AM yesterday, that I ended up in the hospital without even so much as a toothbrush. After I'd been admitted for about 2 hours, I had a remarkable chat with a nun who has served the Lord for 50 years. We had a really beautiful talk about prayer. Afterward, she sent me a bible to my hospital room. It was such a priceless gift to have when I'm 70 miles from home and feel stripped of everything.

Today, my family came to visit me for 2 hours in the afternoon. It was such a gift to see them.

Thank you to everyone who has ever said a prayer for this sweet baby boy. I've never had a pregnancy this crazy before. I feel blessed to still feel so much faith, hope, and love in my heart during this scary, uncertain time.        

Update: I get to go home this morning! The baby and I passed all our observational tests. Thank God for good doctors, nurses and hospital staff. Here is hoping that I don't have any more hospital admissions for at least another 2 weeks.