Monday, May 18, 2015

I'm Becoming a Real Carmelite

I have a date to say my final promise to become a Carmelite for life! It feels like the difference between getting engaged to the boyfriend I loved vs actually buying my wedding dress. It feel like, "This is real now. This could actually happen for me!"

May 2016!

When I joined the Carmelite Lay Order years ago in 2008 I was originally scheduled to make my final promise in the 500th Year of St. Teresa of Avila's birth. St. Teresa, or "My Tess", is my bff. My final promise date all seemed to fit in this perfect scheme of God. I felt like the profession date was a confirmation of my call.

I told my husband that I felt a little sad that I wasn't approved to make my final promise in the Centennial Year 2014-2015.

He told me "You have a date! Who cares that you lost a little time between a move and three pregnancies! You are a better Carmelite after those experiences. You will be professed next May and we are all so happy for you! Start enjoying your news!"

So rather than feel like a failure for taking so long, I'm letting myself feel excited.

My community has discussed my case. They have made a ruling. They have accepted me into their community. My community has set a date to welcome me in their fellowship!

One year.

I have one more year to live under my temporary vow until I get to make my final promise to remain a Carmelite for life!