Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Food Update

We'll I've got a milkman. His name is Will! Each Thursday he brings me six half gallon glass bottles from cows that graze about 30 minutes from my house. Hannah and Alex say the milk from "happy cows" taste better and I have to agree. Milk and eggs cost less than the grocery store. There's only a 3.50 delivery fee for the whole order. I feel like a princess with her own creamery. This part is staying in the grocery budget.

The shipped veggies are also interesting. Each Wednesday we get a box of organic fruits and veggies. There's a wild assortment of stuff, eggplants, apricots and this wild leafy thing called "Swiss Chard." I taught myself how to make collard greens, which my 5 year old adored. Tonight's salad is made out of carrots and dandelion leaves. At $46 this box feels sort of pricey to me. That's half my grocery budget and I'm not really sure that the amount I buy is really enough to feed 5 people for a week. My husband, however, is in heaven and has begged me to continue. I'm continuing it for a few more weeks and treating it as an adventure in learning how to cook. Who knew that dandelions were so good for you?