Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why I Love My Husband

On Friday, I had a hard day. A high pollen day, a lower immune system due to pregnancy and prohibition against taking any allergy meds equaled troubled. I took the kids out for an early morning playground run and completely exhausted all my strength by 9 AM. For the rest of the morning I sat in an armchair trying to keep my head upright. There was no school, no laundry, no cooking and no toy pick-up. Occassionally, I managed to corral agitated, allergy-suffering siblings into separate naughty corners.

When my husband came home at 12:00 there was no lunch waiting for him. Instead of his usual lunch of home-made bread and soup, Jon meal consisted of a single cup of coffee.

As we sat down to the dining table together with our coffee cups, I apologized. "Sorry, honey. I've felt awful all day. I haven't been able to do anything. I didn't teach. I didn't bake bread. All I've done today is babysit."

My husband, who is my help-mate in every way especially in my spiritual life, said "Only Babysitting! Babysitting is everything! The world outside this house is filled with so many scary and dangerous things that threaten young kids. I'm so thankful everyday my kids are safe at home with you. I never, ever have to worry about them when I go off to work. If all you did everyday is babysit for our kids, that is more than enough!"

Isn't Jon a sweetheart?

Just wanted to pass that message along to all the weary pregnant Mamas out there. Don't worry about providing clean floors or nourishing meals. If all you get done is babysitting next week, be proud of your contribution to the Kingdom of God!


  1. Is it advice specific to your situation that you can't take allergy meds? I'm pregnant in the same general area of the country as you and so very glad Benadryl is OK for me to take this awful allergy season -- though I won't dose myself as often as I otherwise might, and much of the time the need to stay alert for my other kids interferes.

  2. So true. It can be hard to go easy on yourself during pregnancy on those days when you are just doing good to make sure the kids are clothed, fed, and safe. Thank God for generous husbands who support us in those hard times!

  3. Amen, Jon! The same is true for the post-partum moms. Somedays, I'm just glad to get to 5.30pm without any fatalities.

    Also... I was able to take Sudafed for allergies during my eighth month--any chance you could dose up on that?