Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Almost Home

Hello, this is Jon, Abby's husband, filling in tonight. Tess was transported by ambulance to Holy Cross Hospital Pediatrics. All six of us were together for the first time in 3 weeks. The good news is she might come home as early as Friday! Although, you never can tell with hospitals. Abby is spending the night with Tess tonight and I am home with the other kids. Tomorrow should be interesting.


  1. Good Luck Jon, you'll do great I have no doubt :)

    Yall remain constantly in my prayers. I brought Tess with me in prayer to the Healing Mass at our parish last night, and I continue to offer up lots of sacrifice for her AND you and Abby. Hang in there, and rejoice that God loves you so much to gift you with this beautiful, perfect daughter and all the lessons she has to bring. :)

  2. You're still in our thoughts and prayers...blessings upon you all.