Monday, November 15, 2010

Real Love Stories

Miss Betty Beguiles is back online (HURRAH!) and she's got the cutest conversation going on her website while she unpacks her house. Stop by and leave a comment.

Her basic question: Was it love at first sight? How did you know he was the one?

Here's My Story:

At age 25, I broke down in tears over my sorry dating life in the middle of a tour of Notre Dame in Paris. I said my first Hail Mary (I was Protestant at the time) from a printed guidebook I picked up there in English. I told Jesus "Okay, I'm ready to date your way."

Nine days later I was back in the States having a Saturday night out on the town. My husband saw me from across a crowded bar and he fell in love at first sight.

Our first conversation that night was unusually easy. I didn't know that he'd be my husband, but I knew that I felt unusually comfortable talking to a stranger. I gave him my phone number--something I'd NEVER done to a strange boy before.

My husband was worried about freaking me out with his intensity, so we had a series of weird (to me) non-date meetings--walking his dog in the snow, talking in a coffee shop, etc.

Three weeks after we met it was Valentines Day. My husband showed up to attend Church with me. He left me a special Valentine message based on the movie "Mission Impossible." We were supposed to meet on a bridge overlooking our graduate school at 10 PM.

I went to the wrong bridge!

My husband had given up hope that I was coming. "I guess she doesn't like me," he thought. Just then, I showed up at the other side of the right bridge (in the middle of a snowstorm) carrying a red carnation.

When my husband saw the flower in my hand he said "I guess she does like me!"

Almost ten years into a sacramental Catholic marriage, I still do!


  1. Great story -- congrats.

    Here's ours, in a nutshell: I arrived in Kyoto for my junior year abroad, and two weeks later, a bunch of American students went out with a bunch of Japanese students, and....we saw each other, in the crowd, and both noticed each other, and made a point to talk later. I also gave him my phone number (and had to think twice about it, since it was the number of my homestay family, but I figured he would know all of the proper Japanese dating rules). That was 25 years ago, in Sept. '85. We married in '91.

    I know some Catholic parents who don't allow their children to date non-Catholics, fearing such dating will lead to a marriage like mine. But I'm glad my parents weren't like that. (Of course, I had the advantage of being several thousand miles away, too!)

  2. Lovely story!
    My husband and I met at Ash Wednesday Mass... after being not very faithful Catholics in our college years, we found each other when we returned to God!