Monday, November 15, 2010

What Not to Send

(my apologies to What Not to Wear)

Just for fun here is a list of the worst gifts Jon and I have ever sent to our families:

1) Homemade Candles (which were packed incorrectly and became dangerous glass shards to all who opened them)

2) Homemade Flannel Pajama Bottoms (This was my first attempt to sew as an adult. I didn't know how to finish the bottoms properly and they all developed giant holes in the crotch after the first wash. Only my dear husband treasured the fraying robe that I made him for the next 7 year!)

3) Plastic Safari Animals in Paper Maiche Boxes (In college, I once got $5 gifts for my siblings to put under the tree with an attached promissory note to buy cooler gifts during my upcoming trip to South Africa two days later. My sibs have never let me live that one down).

4) A Homemade Christmas CD (with music illegally downloaded from the Internet)

And the Worse Gift EVER!

5) A Water buffalo
(from Heifer International. I remembered this project as a child and convinced my new husband to send all our gifts from this site. The reaction from every single gift recipient was horrible! My Sisters-in-Laws still call it "the Christmas we got gifts that were actually sent to someone else.")


  1. Aw, I think #5 is great! But I do remember a time around Jr High when I opened a unique gift. A close friend wrapped up some new clothing and stuff that she was giving as a donation in my name. I was very confused and it took me awhile to understand the gift and get over the shock!

  2. LOL I like #5 too - I *ask* people to give to Heifer in my name. But I totally understand that other people don't get that. :)

  3. We "received" #5 from my husband's sister a few years back and I thought it was the best gift ever!

  4. I would personally love receiving #5 but....if I attempted to give it to most members of my extended family, their reactions would likely be quite similar.

  5. Oh, I like this list! I'm sure I have sent some doozies myself.

    We also did Heifer Int'l. gifts one of our early married years and the in-laws were HORRIFIED.

  6. Last year, I gave my entire family gifts from a website similar to Heifer: And apart from my ever-sarcastic brother, they all really liked it! The thing I like about this particular site is that while your gift gets ´sent to other people´, you get a card with a wonderful illustration.

    P.S. I´d love to recieve a Water Buffalo :) Really.