Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Faithful in the Little Things

I was in a hurry to check out of the Dentist office yesterday. I had a cavity filled and my lips were still numb and tingling from the Novocaine. Hannah looked equally miserable from her drilling experience. "I need to get us out of here fast", I decided.

I handed over my credit card and nodded my head in silence to all requests made by the receptionist.

There was this little whisper in my mind "compliment her on her necklace."

I swatted that thought away quickly. My tongue felt drowsy in my mouth. I wasn't in the mood for polite chitchat today.

The thought came again, "compliment her on her necklace."

Okay, okay, I'll play ball. With about all the enthusisiam I could must for a 3 AM feeding for Baby Tess. I said flatly "I like the necklace you are wearing." My voice was all weird and heavy. I felt totally stupid for talking.

A change came over the receptionists face. She started to glow. (It's been 3 years going to the same dentist and I've never seen his receptionist smile before.)

"It's my grandmother's necklace. I hardly ever wear it out," she said. "It's the only thing I have of hers so it's very special to me . . ."

"Well, that worked!" I thought.


  1. PS: I am reading "The Hidden Power of Kindness"...you totally did what that book is talking about, you just said one little thing, and made that person's day.

  2. Oh, I love moments like that! Little whispers that you follow through on, and then you get to see God do something wonderful... plus, you get to see how intimately the Lord knows each of us (in your case, the God of the Universe knew that you were at the dentist's office, and in her case, He knew the significance of the necklace she was wearing, and that she needed to hear that from you).

    Great story!

  3. That actually made me cry! I could just imagine that woman's feeling, and was so touched by the reminder that just a little word or two can make such a difference - especially Spirit inspired words. What a great reminder to be obedient to that "still, small Voice."