Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Sad Thing about Moving

We're moving farther away from my little son's grave.
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Five years, and I still don't have a stone for him. Maybe we can afford one someday soon. At least my poverty is giving me a chance to really think about the best Scripture passage to assign him!

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I can't tell you how healing having this place is for my soul. And how important it is for my children to have a specific place to pray for their brother. They don't remember me being pregnant anymore, but they remember coming here.

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It's actually pretty fun to visit brother Francisco's "special play group." (My son is buried in a special children's section of the cemetery reserved for infants who died under one year. At first, I thought I was the only one who buried a miscarriage, but I found another family who buried 2 miscarried siblings.) I love that they have such calm memories of praying in a cemetery. I wish I was so comfortable with act of "praying for the dead" when I was a kid.


Amazing Life said...

This is a beautiful post. I am glad it was a place of healing for you!

MommaBear said...

I have 2 little ones buried similarly. Mine were buried 4 mos apart and we asked if they could be buried together but they said no. They aren't even side-by-side since there were a couple of other babies buried during that time.

Little JoAnn said...

So glad you have this place of healing and prayers and remembrance.

You just never cease to amaze me.

Melanie B said...

I so wish we had a place like that for our baby Francis. I was so emotional and confused during my miscarriage that we didn't keep the remains. Isn't that terrible? I truly regret not having a gravesite to go to. But we do still enjoy going to cemeteries and praying for the dead. Even if we don't have our loved ones nearby, we pray for strangers.