Friday, May 27, 2011

Why I Love My Husband!


...because he draws things like this to explain science concepts to my children. (Jon drawing a map of the solar system in the parking lot last year for our science class.)

AND he writes stuff like this on facebook about me!

"Thanks everyone for all of the Happy Birthdays! It was by far, the best birthday yet! My all-time best birthday present was from my wife: She broke apart, and carried to the dumpster our 12ft couch monstrosity, while I was at work! True LOVE! 39 is so good—every year with you Abby gets better and better!"

Sorry, ladies-but I know that I'm married to the best husband on Planet Earth!*

*St Joseph is already in heaven, so he doesn't officially count in this contest!


  1. He didn't even forget the Kuiper Belt!!!

    I <3 your hubs, too!

    (But I have to disagree - **MY** hubs is the best. After all, he puts up with me.)


  2. Well, I'll gracefully concede to a tie. There might be some husbands AS GOOD as my Jon. But let it be known that it is impossible to be BETTER than my Jon!

  3. He sounds amazing! I bet I would learn a ton from that science class! hahahahaha ;)