Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My 10th Wedding Anniversary!

10 years ago tomorrow a beautiful, double Carmelite marriage was started on June 2, 2001.

I love you honey, more than words can say. Hope I get to live a long time to prove my love for you in deeds.


(Jon and I on Valentine's Day, 2011)

(I got married back when we had old school wedding photographs, not digital ones (and even if I could figure out how to scan them into my computer all my picture frames are currently packed in a storage locker) so I don't have any of our gorgeous wedding photos to show online. You'll have to use your imagination)

During this anniversary season, instead of the relatively boring traditional anniversary gift of "tin" my husband

a) bought me a new silver mini van
b) bought me my first ever house AND
c) bought me a 9 person tent!

We're off to go camping tomorrow as a family of six for the first time since Miss Hannah Lynn was 3 months old. SO exciting!


  1. Happy anniversary!!! May God grant you many more blessed years together. You should tell John to pace himself If that's what you get for your tenth anniversary, what on earth will he do for your 20th or 25th? ;)

  2. Yes, these gifts are all a result of God's providence. Good things happen when you get kicked out of your high rent city apartment for quote "having too many kids"!

  3. God works in mysterious ways sure enough. I don't know which makes a better story: "God loves his poor Carmelites enough to get them evicted" or "God loves his poor Carmelites enough to gift them with a new house and a car." I think either way it reads like a romance.

  4. Read this quote by Little Therese yesterday that made me cry "God loves EACH soul like it's the ONLY soul." Romance, romance.... and Jesus and I are only in the early dating stages! :-)

  5. Happy Anniversary! :) I hope you have a great time camping!

  6. Happy anniversary! My parents always say that camping keeps families together. Have a wonderful time!

  7. We had so much fun!! There were a few moments when I thought we were NUTS to try this with four kids aged 8, 6, 4 and 9 months old.

    I kept calling this "our first family camping trip" but Jon reminded me that this was our first ever family vacation in 9 years. (The only other traveling we did was to visit grandparents.) It was so wonderful, I almost cried. So great to get away from the moving stress. So nice to work together as a team.

    I didn't feel bad at all about buying the Coleman "instant" tent. We had enough "serious" hiking stuff back as newlyweds. I decided that everything counts as "serious" camping when you've got a crabby, teething 9 month old crawling in your face at 3 AM.