Friday, June 3, 2011

Woman Beaten by Her Laundry Pile

Miss Abigail graciously admitted defeat by her laundry pile at 1:35 PM.

"I hung on until the end," she said emphatically "I didn't want to admit it was over until it was over. Yet despite my best efforts, we will have to complete our move with piles of dirty laundry in various clothes hampers."

Miss Abigail modestly concedes "I fought a good fight." She didn't let 3 weeks of Spring mud, bed wetting due to unusually terrible allergies, and extreme teething drool get her down. "I wanted to get my laundry pile down to almost nothing before my move"

"Yet our camping trip pushed me over the edge," Miss Abigail stated. "You can have paper plates, you can have paper cups, but you can't go on a camping trip with paper clothes."

At this point, things look pretty hopeless for Miss Abigail. "I've realized that as a Mother of four, my laundry pile might outlast me, even until death...." Miss Abigail said with a sigh. "I'll have to remember to leave extra money for laundry soap in my Will for the Executor of my Estate. Thank heavens I have 3 girls to carry on my fight against smells and grime on the Benjamin family clothes long after I'm gone."


  1. Darn I want paper clothes.
    God Bless Abigail RIP. Did they find a clean outfit to put her to rest IN? THAT is the question.

  2. My darling daughters.... When I am dead, I will not mind the smell. I officially give you permission to bury me in something dirty, preferably with baby spit up down the back shoulder. My dear friends at church might not recognize me in an outfit without baby spit up on it.

  3. so glad I am not the only one! Socks are my Waterloo.

  4. LOVE THIS! Wish I could jump over there and help you fight back the dirty laundry. I enjoy getting up at 5 AM to conquer it.

  5. Cracking up over here! Camping is more important.

    Well, until you have to open all those dirty clothes hampers!