Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Going to Mount Carmel This Weekend!

Ahh! It's been a rough moving week. Sort of can't believe that I get to slip off to a SILENT Carmel retreat for three days this weekend.

I love my husband because he signed up to go to our Carmel retreat himself. The man took one look at me coming sobbing out of our new grocery store (have I mentioned yet how much I HATE change?) and graciously said "You go to the retreat while I stay home with the kids, you need it more!"

Devil that I am, I didn't even pause to argue with my spouse.

I took his offer to spend some refreshing time alone with Jesus and RAN WITH IT Baby!

So prayer intentions? I'll pray for you!

You come too!

We're studying Blessed Elizabeth of the Cross. An excellent Carmelite saint for all of us lay people, especially parents. Elizabeth had one sister, Marguerite. Her father died when they were young, so Elizabeth, her sister and her Mum became a very close trio. When Elizabeth joined the convent of Carmel, she mentally took along her married Sister with her.

Elizabeth very much appreciated the equal dignity of vocation between married life and religious life. She didn't want her Sister to miss out on any of the splendid insights Elizabeth was gaining during long hours of prayer, simply because she was busy carrying for a large family. On her deathbed, Elizabeth wrote out a very sweet 10 day "spiritual exercise" for her Sister to complete which easily fit into her busy life as a mother of small children.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post that 10 day retreat for everyone on this website soon.

Meanwhile, get a head start and read this luminious author yourself. You can order
her complete works here. (Last Retreat is in vol. 1).

(Special note for my friend Tharen. A religious person told Elizabeth that her name meant "house of God" She took that so seriously she mystically started to understand "the indwelling of the Trinity"--a deep Catholic doctrine. Anytime I read her work I think about our own dear Skylar Elizabeth. You've definitely got a little "house of God" with that dear baby!)


  1. I have a prayer request to send with you...

    I have a friend of a friend whose little boy, Christian, is super sick and in the ICU. He had some serious health problems when he was born, but they have been pretty much under control. Then Sunday he ended up in the hospital with a bowl obstruction. A 1 hour surgery turned into a 5 hour surgery and pretty much everything that can go wrong has. So please pray for him and his family and his doctors.

  2. Could you please pray for us to be able to have a child? God's will be done... And thank you in advance!

  3. Ahh, I love Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity! :) Such a beautiful saint!

  4. Please post it after the retreat! It sounds wonderful!

  5. Could you please pray for my husband and I? We are trying to make several decisions right now, and we both need wisdom.

  6. Could you please pray for the blessing of a child for my husband and I, and the grace to wait for God's time?

  7. If you could pray for my process of discerning my calling and gifts in the Church that would be great. I believe my vocation to be marriage but I'm still single and need patience to wait for God's timing on that. Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Sounds wonderful! I hope you have a restful and rejuvenating retreat!

    If I can be greedy, three things from me: please pray for healing for my husbands back, a new house for us soon or wisdom to just STOP looking already! (LOL, it's been years), and strength for me to be "double parenting" while dh is having trouble. Thank you so much!!

  9. I'm going to join in on the prayer request bit. Could you please pray that my husband would find a full time job soon? He's been working several part time jobs for three years now, and as a result he's never home and it's extremely hard to make ends meet. Thank you.

  10. A prayer request from my son - he'd really like a brother( he's 6) - and this it truly in God's hands as both my children are adopted (I can't have). He asked me recently why God hasn't sent a brother yet - I don't want him to start thinking God doesn't hear his prayers.

  11. Thanks for thinking of us, Abigail! I would be grateful if you could pray for my job situation - I work part time, & it's not enough to make ends meet. I'm okay if I need to work 2 different jobs. I hope the retreat & time with Jesus offers some comfort & stability amidst the many changes in your life!
    God bless you,

  12. Thanks for all the prayer requests. I will pray for all of you!

    Feel free to email me directly ( also you can just say "anonymous request". God will know exactly what you need!

  13. I'd like to send a prayer request, please! My husband has been out of work for over a year. Would you please pray for a good job in his field? He's a lawyer, but still needs to pass the bar in the state we now live in.