Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Miss Abigail Is Not Herself....

Just want to apologize in advance for all the weird, off-base posts that are potentially coming in the next few days.

Miss Abigail is not herself!

This new pregnancy has really thrown me for a loop. Moves and Babies go together for the Benjamin family. Three of our four kids were conceived immediately proceeding a major out-of-state move. (Does this happen to anyone else?)

In June, I was sobbing because I WASN'T pregnant. We took almost 4 years to conceive Baby Tess. I was convinced I was stuck in "unexplained secondary infertility" again and that feeling stunk!

But then came early August. A positive pregnancy test! And I'm excited, but I'm also not excited. I don't have my feet underneath me at all post-move. (Although, I know realize that part of the reason I'm feeling so physically crummy is because I'm newly pregnant).

It's just this complete loss of control thing.

Everything I thought I would be doing this Summer and Fall to help us adjust to our new community, I now can't do.

So here I am.

No friends. (well, no local friends)

No structure.

No steady prayer routine.

No husband for 14 to 15 hours a day.

But I got a new baby on the way!

So I'll just remain "un-artfully" winging it with Jesus until a better pattern emerges.