Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jon's Soccer Cake


He designed this entire concept. I was super doubtful, but it ending up looking good and tasting great!
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  1. How did he do it? Did he bake it in a mixing bowl?

  2. Jon's soccer cake recipe

    Bake four layers in a regular 9 inch round pan. (My top layer was slightly smaller, maybe 8 inches).

    We used alternate layers of chocolate and vanilla cake for added fun. (Mix is from a box)

    Ice with white icing. Leave overnight covered in the fridge.

    Make diamond patterns with a tooth-pick. Fill in with black icing.

  3. I thought this cake was so cool and called my hubby "Cake Boss."

    My kids said "but if this was the REAL cake boss the cake would be as large as a table, have the entire soccer field shown with personalize players in each position!"

    They are so hard to impress! :-)