Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why I Love My Husband- Part V

Because, today I emailed him a 500 word essay on how a November budget hiccup was going to cause our family all sorts of dire problems in the next three weeks. He emailed me back a three word message

Jesus, loves us!

(He is the ONLY man who could get me to better embrace our Carmelite vow of poverty!)

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  1. That's great! Sounds like my relationship with my husband, once upon a time (and still, in some ways). But your husband is most right, as I am sure you know! I remember a few years back I absolutely could not make our budget work on paper. Was not possible. No matter how many variable expenses I chopped off, I was still in the hole. We continued to give to Church/God and nearly every month we ended up coming out ahead. WAAAAAAYYYY ahead! And on the very few months we didn't come out ahead, we were only down a little. A Very little. It was absolutely amazing to watch God at work! So yes, He will most definitely provide for your family - just trust Him! And I also remember one time sitting on the floor talking about the situation w/my husband and we were a little concerned. My first born, who was about 1 at the time, came up and gave us each a hug out of nowhere. We just knew that was God telling us - It's gonna be ok! And, it was!
    God bless!