Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to Paint a Living Room with Small Children

So I asked all my friends on facebook for advice on how to paint a living room in small patches while having lots of young children in the house...


No one came up with my husband's suggestion--put them to work!
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Daddy did the high parts

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Finished result!


allyouwhohope said...

That looks great!!

Joy said...

I would have, that's how we painted my daughter's new room when it was time for her to move and give the nursery to her brother.

The wall looks great!

Amber said...

That's what we did! My then three year old was such a great helper too.

Jen Ambrose said...

I love it!

Heidi said...

That looks amazing! Good job, kids! What a confidence booster - I remember never being allowed to paint because I "did it wrong" even as a teen.