Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why I Love My Husband, Part VIII

This past Friday we had the following conversation while Jon was on the commuter train.

Him: "So you picked up paint today and we'll be painting the living room tonight?"

Me: "No. I fled from the Lowe's in a panic. There were so many color options. I just didn't feel like I could commit to one."

Him: "I know it's really hard to choose. That's why I was secretly hoping you'd take the pressure off."

Me: "Really?"

Him: You can just pick one, and if it looks bad, we'll just paint over it with another color. Anything is going to better than the all white walls we currently have in the living room."

Me: "Well, there was this one shade that I was thinking about, but I'm still not sure what it's going to look like at night....."

Him: "As long as its not black, it can't be wrong!"

Me: "Okay, you've inspired me! I'll go back to Lowe's right now with the kids. We'll get the paint for you to work on tonight!"

(Why was that conversation so lovely? Because it wasn't until AFTER I hung up the phone that I remembered my husband is the one with the Masters of Fine Arts degree! Jon is so endlessly encouraging. Like Jesus, my husband is very meek and humble of heart!)


Amazing Life said...

Your husband does sound incredibly amazing.

My husband would be like "You want to Paint??" hahaha

Elizabeth said...

Wow. just wow.
I love that he pointed out that it is ONLY PAINT. So true. I bought very expensive paint for my kitchen and hated it...took it back to be re-tinted...the clerk only knew how to use the computer...brought it home and my DH encouraged me to retint it myself with paint we had in the garage (from our dining room). It came out perfectly and he was so supportive. It is good to be blessed, huh?

Heidi said...

I know you already picked a paint (and it looks amazing) but in the future, I have had really good luck with "historic" or "heritage" colors. They are easier on the eyes, IMO. I also don't like living in a white box. My husband says "white boxes are for Chinese food, not for people to live in!" :)