Monday, March 19, 2012

Stay on Target

I read all of these mystical Carmelite writings, but when God really wants to communicate a deep spiritual truth to my heart during prayer, He uses Star Wars metaphors. (I've mentioned before that I'm a Carmelite with a very little brain, right? And a child of the 1980s? )

My big insight this Lent is that the best way to fight the Devil is to "Stay on Target!" Satan can do very little to directly harm us. His big weapon is distraction. For the next few weeks of Lent, whenever I'm feeling emotionally crummy, instead of withdrawing and stewing in my emotions, I try to force myself to do something very practical and physical for my vocation as a wife and mother.

I try to be the focused Luke, determined to finish his mission to blow up the Death Star, rather than the easily distracted extra who gets killed by Darth Vader.

My little mantra for this shift is "Stay on Target."

Pretty nifty how this whole "growing in holiness" thing works out in everyday life!

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  1. What a wonderful thought. One of the things that some of the Psalms I've been reading lately have been reminding me of is that God is the one in charge. Certainly it's a good idea to make our voices heard, but ultimately, the battle is in God's hands, it's He who will defeat the enemy, not us. It's so easy for me to get distracted from what I set out to do this Lent with all of the political stuff, the rantings, the people who defriended me on Facebook because I put up a link against gay marriage, etc. It sometimes almost seems selfish to sit down and say the prayers, do the spiritual reading when there's so much that needs to be done. When I quiet my heart, however, I know that that's where the real work needs to happen. Your Star Wars reminder is going to stay with me.