Monday, March 19, 2012

Proof that Marriage is Dead in America

I just went through a ridiculous amount of red tape to pay off the co-pays on our health insurance tab before getting admitted to the hospital this week.

I am my husband's legal wife.

I am listed as his official spouse on our family's health insurance plan.

I called my health insurance company today with my individual health insurance plan number, our family's official account number and my husband's Social Security Number.

I was just trying to get transferred to the billing department so that I could pay down our joint co-pay account,--which by the way is mostly nine months of my personal OB charges.

The gate-keeper lady at the call center refused to let me through because I was not "Mr. Jon Benjamin",

I just kept saying, "No Ma'am. I'm MRS. Jon Benjamin. This is our family's health care account and I'm just trying to pay our joint bill."

Oh man, sometimes you just have to laugh at your pointless suffering.

St. Joseph, pray for all sacramental marriage today. May someday it not be so rare for a wife and a husband to be peacefully sharing domestic chores instead of the current state of "every man out for himself."


  1. That sucks. I know because it happens to me often. I think it's more because of Federal privacy laws. You wouldn't believe the amount of crap I go through to get access to records from a JOINT bank account. It drives me insane.

  2. I wonder when the privacy laws started to get tougher. I feel like at the beginning of my marriage, 10 years ago, it was easy to get information--as long as I was a legal spouse who was listed on the account. Now its getting the point where I can't pay our bills unless my husband is physically home to say "it's okay to talk to her" each and every time.

  3. It is ridiculous! I couldn't even make a change to our joint account without my husband's physical presence! And I think the change was one of those 'incredibly minor' ones, like signing up for online statements or something.