Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Will We Win? Because of Technique!

This is the first year my nine year old and seven year old kids are on Swim Team. This is their first activity that has made me realize that my formerly tiny babies are now huge! It seems like just last summer when I fished them out  of the deep end, worried about them drowning. Now my babies strap on goggles, jump off a starting block, and swim 50 yards to get a second place ribbon! It's astonishing! 

Last night, my blue collar town had a swim meet against a flashy Maryland city. (We lost. But we lost with honor!) To get the kids psyched up before the meet, Coach Nick kept calling out "What are we going to do?" The kids would answer back "Win!" Then he'd say "Why  are we going to win?" The kids would scream out "Because of technique!"

I thought this cheer was so perfect for me to internalize as a Carmelite. I'm not going to win my heavenly reward based on my powerful speed, great wisdom, or brilliant good works. I'm little. I'm puny. I'm weak. 

But I can count on winning heaven based on my technique.

Stay little. Stay close to Him. Let Jesus do all the heavy lifting in my life!