Monday, March 19, 2012

A Weird Type of Count-Down

Things are getting close. Almost Baby time!

I gave my neighbor my favorite potted plant to water while I'm in the hospital.

I completed my last trip to Target. (Incidentally Danya, I bought everyone in the family extra pairs of underwear today. I can't do stairs for at least 2 weeks after the c-section, especially our rickety basement stairs. That means I'm officially off laundry duty! Hurrah! But I'm a little cocky about my special skills managing the massive laundry mountain for seven people. Even though my husband is highly self-sufficient, I prepared for failure. I figure everyone can wear "dirty" clothes for a few days if their underwear is always clean).

I packed a ridiculous amount of snack food in my van. (And the only home-schooling I did today was a long lecture on price points for food and the advantage of a "captive audience." I made my kids promise not to eat room service -unless their Grandpa specifically wanted to--just out of general principal. I'm getting so frugal, I don't recognize my former spend-thrift self anymore.)

And I filled the mini-van gas tank up to the very top. $65.00! I almost fainted. (I usually run around town with a carefully budgeted amount). You used to be able to buy super cute shoes at that price.