Monday, March 19, 2012

A Weird Type of Count-Down

Things are getting close. Almost Baby time!

I gave my neighbor my favorite potted plant to water while I'm in the hospital.

I completed my last trip to Target. (Incidentally Danya, I bought everyone in the family extra pairs of underwear today. I can't do stairs for at least 2 weeks after the c-section, especially our rickety basement stairs. That means I'm officially off laundry duty! Hurrah! But I'm a little cocky about my special skills managing the massive laundry mountain for seven people. Even though my husband is highly self-sufficient, I prepared for failure. I figure everyone can wear "dirty" clothes for a few days if their underwear is always clean).

I packed a ridiculous amount of snack food in my van. (And the only home-schooling I did today was a long lecture on price points for food and the advantage of a "captive audience." I made my kids promise not to eat room service -unless their Grandpa specifically wanted to--just out of general principal. I'm getting so frugal, I don't recognize my former spend-thrift self anymore.)

And I filled the mini-van gas tank up to the very top. $65.00! I almost fainted. (I usually run around town with a carefully budgeted amount). You used to be able to buy super cute shoes at that price.


  1. I don't think it's a weird type of countdown. You sound very practical especially about the underwear.

  2. Woah-you were a spend-thrift! I have NEVER spent 65 bucks for shoes!

  3. Seriously? 65 bucks was frugal back then. But then I used to hang out with snobby lawyers who often paid $300 dollars PER SHOE!

    You'll be happy to know Kaitlin that right now as a Discalced Carmelite I own only three pairs of shoes--fake leather boots, 14 at Target, dress flats from Kohls $35, and a pair of black plastic flip flops ($2) I stole from my husband.

    I'm proud of my progress in being "poor in spirit" in the shoe dept. but St. Francis of Assisi complained that the light of his order would go out once the friars stopped being barefoot! :-)